What to Expect When You are Contracting: Week 4

By now, you’ve survived a tedious part of the kitchen remodel process (with or without alcohol) and work is starting to pick up again as you enter Week 4!

Week 4

This was one of my favorite weeks throughout the entire kitchen remodel because the cabinets came in during Week 4! As soon as I saw all the guys from Savvy Home Supply show up to my house again, my attitude from last week started to dissipate. The cabinets went up and with them, my dreams went back up. Cabinet handles, adjusting, and the building of any special pieces and lighting followed the cabinet installation and suddenly, the week was over.

I had my appliances all picked out, but if you haven’t chosen your appliances then you need to get them on order as soon as possible. I was really getting into the swing of camp cooking by now, but some of the novelty had worn off and after seeing a lot of progress compared to the weeks prior, I found myself getting exciting about finishing early. Try to keep that thought at bay. It may be harmful to your liver next week!

What to Expect When You are Contracting: Weeks 2 and 3

After a smooth first day and first week, your kitchen looks like an empty room that used to be a kitchen and work on smaller details has begun.

Week 2

At the start of Week 2, my kitchen was all cleared out and work on the kitchen remodel seemed to be slowing down. The remodeling team was running wiring for my new lighting and new drywall was going up, too. The Savvy Home Supply team was still working, I could tell that, but it was smaller, more minute work that didn’t have the same obvious visual evidence as cabinet and appliance removal had the first week.

During Week 2 of the kitchen remodel, I also noticed that the amount of workers showing up at my house had changed. I went from seeing 3-4 workers coming into my home to two – and sometimes only one! Regardless of the seemingly slow period, I was still charged up about things and pleased with myself for figuring out that it is totally possible to grill up a bunch of different meats on the weekend and then be creative with them through the week. All in all, Week 2 was a success… until the remodeling team got to the stage where they were fixing sheet rock. This stage was about as exciting as watching paint dry!

Week 3

I got out the bottles of booze in the midst of Week 3 and if you haven’t broken out the alcohol yet, this week may make you change your mind! Week 3 is the stage where the 1 guy that I had been seeing started stopping by once a day just to apply more mud and then leave. This quick appearance, mud application, and disappearance went on for days and days. Once the mudding was done, the minimal visits continued, but the one Savvy Home Supply team member given this job started sanding instead of applying mud!

I recommend a small vacation during Week 3 if possible. All I could think about during this time was that they will never finish the sheetrock and sometimes the out of sight, out of mind approach is the best one to take! At this point it is also particularly important to keep that plastic zipped up unless you want everything through your house covered in drywall dust. (Trust me, you don’t!)

What to Expect When You are Contracting: Day 1 – Week 1

For the next 7 weeks, Savvy Home Supply is going to feature a guest blogger who will recount her experience with her first kitchen remodel and what to expect when contracting.

Day One through Week One of My First Kitchen Remodel

If I could start with one piece of advice for anyone starting their first kitchen remodel, it would be: get organised and prepare for your kitchen to be unavailable. From day one when the remodeling team enters your home, your kitchen no longer belongs to you. There is no more using your stove, sink, refrigerator, pantry, etc. As soon as the contractors arrived to my home, the appliances were unhooked and moved into the garage. After that the water was disconnected and a sheet of plastic with a zipper in it was put up to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house.

I found the rest of week one to be filled with excitement and anticipation. I couldn’t believe how fast things were happening in the remodeling process. The old cabinets, countertops, walls and ceilings disappeared before my eyes and I couldn’t imagine how the entire process was going to take 4 to 6 weeks. The remodeling team at Savvy Home Supply was working so fast.

While Savvy Home Supply was working at top speed to give me the kitchen of my dreams, a main area of my house was still out of commission. If you move forward with a kitchen remodel then you will need to maintain some sense of normalcy. I recommend getting a toaster oven, a hot plate, a microwave, a grill, a large table to serve as your prep area, a wash tub and a large book shelf to use as a pantry. Remember to keep out a few pots, pans, dishes, bowls, glasses, cups, silverware and prep dishes. A cutting board, spices, oil, and food storage bowls are also critical unless you plan on eating out all the time. A coffee or tea pot, slow cooker, rice cooker, and electric skillet, are also nice to have, but they are not necessities.

By the end of Week 1, I found that a pat on the back was warranted. Things were going smooth and I felt like I had this kitchen remodel down with my Savvy Home Supply team.

Choosing A Contractor for Kitchen Remodeling – 6 Questions To Ask

A kitchen remodel is an involved and sometimes stressful experience. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there are a lot of decisions and planning that goes into the kitchen remodeling process. Are you going to get new cabinets or update the existing ones? Do you need custom lighting or new flooring? What color granite countertop will you choose? Will there be an island in your kitchen?

In order for you to maximize the chance that you have a positive experience remodeling your kitchen, it’s very important that you stay on the same page as your kitchen

Aaron Basil is a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor at Savvy Home Supply. He has over 15 years of professional experience in kitchen remodeling and design.

remodeling contractors. While lots of factors come into play, good communication is at the heart of any remodeling project.

Though many of the materials used in a kitchen remodel may be similar regardless of the remodeling company you choose, the service you receive may vary widely company to company. If you are looking for a good company to work with during your kitchen remodel, here are some questions to ask all of the companies that you are considering.

6 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

1. Are you licensed and insured? Accidents sometimes happen on the job. Because accidents can happen, it is important that your contractor has insurance for company employees. It is also important to hire a contractor that is licensed. This will help you determine if you are working for a legitimate and respectable company. The answer to this question not only gives you some piece of mind, but it could potentially keep you from dealing with a painful lawsuit.
2. What is your kitchen remodeling experience? Your contractor should answer this question by providing the reassurance of multiple years of experience. Customer testimonials can also help back this up. Due to the custom nature of the work, having plenty of experience is essential for any kitchen remodel. Just because some kitchen has to be the first remodel project for a company doesn’t mean it has to be your kitchen! Choose a contractor that is confident and educated in this field.
3. How do you deal with changes? During a kitchen remodel there are often times you have to deal with unexpected changes and decisions. While many of the design decisions are made prior to the project start date, changes may sometimes be made during the remodeling process. It is necessary to ask your contractor how he or she handles project changes. This helps you get a better idea of what to expect in the event that changes are required during your kitchen remodeling project.
4. How are we going to communicate? You and your contractor should have strong, open communication. The kitchen remodeling process is a lot like a relationship. This project will fail if you and your contractor are not comfortable communicating about issues and decisions made along the way. It is important to inquire about the frequency and types of communication used during this project. It is easier to communicate in person, but also make sure your contractor is available by phone and email as well.
5. What is the project timeline? This is an important question for your kitchen remodel. Just because kitchen remodels can take considerable time, doesn’t mean your remodel should last for months on end. It is important to get a good idea of your project start and deadline. This will help you make plans, while also keeping your contractor accountable and on track.
6. What are your payment expectations? Each kitchen remodeling company will have their own payment terms and conditions. Make sure you are comfortable with the terms your kitchen remodeler requires before signing a contract. Sometimes you are required to pay a certain percentage up front and another percentage at the completion of the project. Other times you may have to pay the entire amount at the beginning, or you may be billed at the end of a remodel. Know your options in advance so you can make the best decision for your budget.

Before signing any contracts, take the time to have this conversation with your contractor. A kitchen remodel is not completed overnight; it requires patience, planning, communication and decision-making. Always keep open lines of communication with your contractor and stay positive as you look ahead with the anticipation of enjoying a beautiful remodeled kitchen. Spending time up front to find a skilled kitchen remodeling company that you trust can make the entire experience much less stressful. Interested in learning more? Contact Savvy Home Supply today to schedule your consult with a kitchen design professional.