The Top 10 Kitchen Trends to Expect in 2018

kitchen trendsAt the end of every year, designers from all around the globe start to predict design trends that will take off in the new year. Keeping up with these trends can be difficult with all of the sources available. It can be even more difficult to decide what trends you truly love when there are hundreds to choose from. Savvy Home Supply prides itself on being a leader in trend setting around the Louisville, KY area. We understand that redesigning a kitchen or bathroom in your home can be overwhelming and strive to make the process as easy as possible. This has led us to collect the top 10 kitchen trends to expect in 2018 in one place and one list.

The Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2018

Coffee Bars Will Be Big

Through 2015, 2016, and 2017 the trend of the bar cart survived and thrived at some points. From DIY bar carts to fully stocked basement bars, homeowners wanted alcohol and the fixins readily available! However, experts predict that in 2018 a new kind of bar will rise in popularity – the coffee bar. As people trend towards healthier lifestyles and wholesome living, alcohol is getting crowded out by caffeine and won’t stop in the new year.

People Are Letting In Natural Lighting

Lamp light has been popular for hundreds of years, but the sun has been around much longer and people are finally learning to embrace it! 2018 is going to be a year all about natural light in kitchens. It is known that natural light is better for photography and in this day and age, people are taking more and more photos in their kitchen. Whether the photos are for blogs, social media, or just personal pleasure – natural light is key to a good photograph of food and homeowners know it!

Fresh Plants Will Be Everywhere

The end of 2017 saw a resurgence in incorporating greenery throughout the home. Designers are predicting that 2018 will see a rise in greenery featured in kitchen. From hanging pots to window boxes and potted plants out on the countertops – greenery of all sorts will be big kitchen trends in 2018. One of the most functional ways to incorporate green in the kitchen is by planting an herb garden. But think outside of the box and introduce other, decorative plants into the kitchen and make it a real jungle.

Turn to Open Storage Space Solutions

Another 2018 trend that is going to carry over from 2017 is open shelving and other open storage space solutions. More often than not, homeowners are turning to unconventional storage methods in the kitchen. Reusable jars, woven baskets, linen bags, and metal wire baskets are outshining cabinetry across popular home decor blogs. How do these homeowners show off their out-of-the-box storage solutions? With open shelving that will apparently be sticking around for another year!

Stone Sinks Are Replacing Ceramic

Farmhouse sinks have been a huge trend over the last year. It’s undeniable that they look beautiful, but are often crafted from ceramic and scratch easily. For homeowners planning on redoing their kitchens in 2018, look to stone sinks. They are durable, heavy duty, and can take a rough washing without reflecting any wear. A lot of homeowners will shy away from the idea of stone sinks, but don’t fret. Stone sinks come in a wide variety of colors, not just grey, and can be easily integrated into any kitchen design.

Brass is Making a Comeback

It seems like only recently brass hardware in kitchens was on its way out, but it’s coming back! Trend setters in the kitchen realm of home decorating are incorporating brass into faucets, cabinet and drawer pulls, and even appliance knobs. Brushed or polished, it does not matter, brass is back and 2018 is going to be its year as a kitchen-specific metal.

Consider Two-Tone Cabinetry

While open shelving will still be a prominent design trend in 2018, some people aren’t ready to say goodbye to floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. However, they still want a new and fresh approach to the ‘behind closed doors’ storage they love. Enter: two-tone cabinetry. This new take on cabinetry is huge in trendsetter’s kitchens with some choosing to paint the upper cabinets a lighter color and the bottom cabinets darker and others choosing to finish upper or lower cabinets in a light stain and dark staining the remaining. Savvy Home Supply now offers cabinet painting and can bring two-tone cabinets to life in any kitchen on any budget!

Color Will Start Popping Up

Color is making a comeback after years of white being the king of kitchen trends and bathroom trends, alike. 2018 color isn’t going to be channeled through wall paint or wallpaper. Instead, kitchen designers are turning to appliances to bring color into kitchen areas. KitchenAid started the colored appliance trend years ago, but 2018 will be the year of big color bursts. Ovens from BlueStar that come in a wide variety of hues and refrigerators in matching tones are going to be in the spotlight in kitchens across the board.

Say Bye-Bye to Subway Tile…

The subway tile trend of 2017 is fading out just as quickly as the all white kitchen trend. While subway tile was a beautiful way to embellish a backdrop with a subtle kitchen addition, like most tile, its appeal is short lived. This is especially true for homeowners who opted for white tile and white grout that stains just as quickly as floor tile grout. 2018 is going to be a vibrant, textile heavy, color saturated year for kitchen design.

And Hello to 3D Backsplashes!

In lieu of white subway tile that is flat and uniform in design, kitchen designers are turning to backsplashes that pop – literally! 3D backsplashes are going to be present in a lot of 2018 kitchen trends and will incorporate art and functionality together. 3D backsplashes will also be another outlet for designers to incorporate pops of color into 2018 kitchen designs without overpowering the space entirely.

2018 looks to be a fun and exciting year for kitchen trends! Designers and homeowners across the country are already making plans to incorporate kitchen trends into their new year plans. Pops of color, live plants, lots of light, and a new approach to textiles are all far cries from the trends of yesteryear. We’re excited to say goodbye to the pristine, white, clean kitchen trends that have been around for the last few years and hello to something new at Savvy Home Supply!

If you are in the market for a kitchen redesign remember that Savvy Home Supply is Louisville, Kentucky’s one-stop-shop for kitchen and bath needs. Contact us today at 502-241-9969 or by using our online form to receive a free estimate and schedule an appointment with a Savvy Home Supply expert.

What to Expect When You are Contracting: Things I Learned Along the Way

Things I Learned Along the Way

1. No fast food, you will suffer for it the next day!
2. Try to renovate in the warm months, if possible, because your garage is taken over by your appliances and the garage doubles as your makeshift kitchen.
3. Don’t stress about the small stuff. The Savvy Home Supply team are professionals and they will ask you for your input if it’s needed.
4. Keep the lines of communication open. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Fear of the unknown will just cause you undue stress
5. Keep out of the way. If they need you they will ask for your assistance, but hanging around, even if it’s with good intentions, will just slow done the process and throw them off their game.
6. Remember you are all in this together, so sit back and enjoy the ride. The Savvy Home Supply family has got your back!

What to Expect When You are Contracting: Week 7 (The Final Week!)

Finally, the end is here and your kitchen is almost done! You’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time now and the final touches can be trying because by now you’re ready to get back to your normal lifestyle.

Week 7 (The Final Week!)

The last week of my kitchen remodel was really trying on my mindset. All I could think about was getting the Savvy Home Supply crew out of my house (bless their hearts, though, after all the ruckus I put them through – still thinking about the countertop debacle!) and the tasks that laid ahead. In my case, Christmas was coming up! Now, looking back on it, that probably wasn’t the best planning on my part.

It was a long journey from Day 1 of my kitchen remodel until the end, but the finished results were better than I ever imagined. I also made some friends for life in the Savvy Home Supply team. One of the guys even told me, “you’re part of the Savvy family now and you call us if any problems arise!” And I knew they meant that.

6th Annual Unbridled Eve Gala

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Unbridled Eve Gala Auction

All of us at Savvy Home Supply are very excited to be donating this beautiful vanity + mirror (retail value: $2,760) to a great cause. Go to the Unbridled Eve Gala on May 5, 2017 @ 7p.m. at the Galt House Hotel and it could be yours! All proceeds from this fabulous event benefit the amazing non-profit Blessings in a Backpack.

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What to Expect When You are Contracting: Week 6

I promise that you will survive Week 5 and that Week 6 will pull you out of your depression because progress picks back up and your kitchen starts to look like an actual, functioning kitchen, again!

Week 6

Our countertops arrived during the sixth week of our kitchen remodeling project and they brought a literal headache with them.

Be aware that the glue the Savvy Home Supply contractors use to hold the counter intact is the strongest, foulest smelling stuff around. Make sure to air out the house and stock up on Tylenol. And whatever you do, do not walk into your kitchen and lean on the countertops while the remodeling team is installing them – especially if you decided on quartz. – because this little mistake will cause the team to start the leveling process all over again! (I’m sure the guys at Savvy Home Supply were cursing me under their breath when I walked away. I really felt bad about that stupid mistake…)

Week 6 also brings the ceiling lights and (what I thought were) finishing touches started to happen. By the end of Week 6, I never wanted to eat another grilled piece of meat again and headed to Costco for microwaveable meals. Despite how bleak my diet was becoming and how grumpy my husband was with the Costco meals, I was beginning to see the light at the end of the kitchen remodeling tunnel. And I was starting to help with the process. I took a few days off of work to help with installing the kitchen back splash and it was truly an exciting few days.

First, I discussed how I wanted the backsplash to look with the remodeling team and then we started laying the tiles. I recommend laying all the tile out first. Don’t just start gluing! We had to tweak the design slightly to get it to fit the space and I’m glad we figured this out before gluing up the tiles I had a lot of fun this week. I had creative control, but the guys doing the work were the real masters at what they did. They bought into my idea and made it work even when it was unconventional and questionable in their minds. Our teamwork produced some amazing end results that I am so happy with!

I was really starting to anticipate moving back into my kitchen at the end of the week, but remember that life doesn’t stop for your remodel to be finished. Things can pop up, like, holidays, deaths, sickness and the ever dreaded waiting period while something is being made. (Remember the long, drawn out wait for the countertops!)

What to Expect When You are Contracting: Week 4

By now, you’ve survived a tedious part of the kitchen remodel process (with or without alcohol) and work is starting to pick up again as you enter Week 4!

Week 4

This was one of my favorite weeks throughout the entire kitchen remodel because the cabinets came in during Week 4! As soon as I saw all the guys from Savvy Home Supply show up to my house again, my attitude from last week started to dissipate. The cabinets went up and with them, my dreams went back up. Cabinet handles, adjusting, and the building of any special pieces and lighting followed the cabinet installation and suddenly, the week was over.

I had my appliances all picked out, but if you haven’t chosen your appliances then you need to get them on order as soon as possible. I was really getting into the swing of camp cooking by now, but some of the novelty had worn off and after seeing a lot of progress compared to the weeks prior, I found myself getting exciting about finishing early. Try to keep that thought at bay. It may be harmful to your liver next week!

What to Expect When You are Contracting: Weeks 2 and 3

After a smooth first day and first week, your kitchen looks like an empty room that used to be a kitchen and work on smaller details has begun.

Week 2

At the start of Week 2, my kitchen was all cleared out and work on the kitchen remodel seemed to be slowing down. The remodeling team was running wiring for my new lighting and new drywall was going up, too. The Savvy Home Supply team was still working, I could tell that, but it was smaller, more minute work that didn’t have the same obvious visual evidence as cabinet and appliance removal had the first week.

During Week 2 of the kitchen remodel, I also noticed that the amount of workers showing up at my house had changed. I went from seeing 3-4 workers coming into my home to two – and sometimes only one! Regardless of the seemingly slow period, I was still charged up about things and pleased with myself for figuring out that it is totally possible to grill up a bunch of different meats on the weekend and then be creative with them through the week. All in all, Week 2 was a success… until the remodeling team got to the stage where they were fixing sheet rock. This stage was about as exciting as watching paint dry!

Week 3

I got out the bottles of booze in the midst of Week 3 and if you haven’t broken out the alcohol yet, this week may make you change your mind! Week 3 is the stage where the 1 guy that I had been seeing started stopping by once a day just to apply more mud and then leave. This quick appearance, mud application, and disappearance went on for days and days. Once the mudding was done, the minimal visits continued, but the one Savvy Home Supply team member given this job started sanding instead of applying mud!

I recommend a small vacation during Week 3 if possible. All I could think about during this time was that they will never finish the sheetrock and sometimes the out of sight, out of mind approach is the best one to take! At this point it is also particularly important to keep that plastic zipped up unless you want everything through your house covered in drywall dust. (Trust me, you don’t!)

3 Ways to Really Customize Your Bathroom Remodel

Taking on a complete bathroom remodel project is a commitment and has the potential to get quite stressful; however, with enough planning and the help of a team of bathroom remodeling experts – you can have the bathroom of your dreams and it can be customized to fit your needs and taste. Before you get started on your custom bathroom remodel, consider these ways to truly customize your bathroom.

3 Ways to Really Customize Your Bathroom Remodel

  1. Use Tile as a Focal Pointbathroom remodel

    Traditionally, tile has always been used as flooring, but tile has so much untapped design potential if you allow yourself to think outside of the box. Consider using tile for flooring, but making it more interesting by putting a design into the inlay of the tile. If you’ve already decided on another flooring textile, you can incorporate tile behind the bathroom sink by installing a back splash. Back splashes are popular in home design right now and are popping up in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. Whether using colorful tile for a pop of color or the ever popular white subway tile for a bright white and clean effect, installing a back splash behind a sink or around a bathtub is a great way to incorporate tile into your bathroom remodel. Tile can also be used in the shower and opportunities abound in regards to tile choices. Right now the use of heat sensitive tile in showers is picking up steam among bathroom remodelers. These tiles change from seemingly normal black tile to a colorful pattern when hit with hot water. The color changing aspect gives homeowners a modern bathroom design with a temporary pop of color for fun. Regardless of if you are using tile for flooring, a backsplash, or in your shower – it has endless opportunities for customization.

  2. Install Clever Storage Solutions

    In most bathrooms, space is somewhat limited, but even if it isn’t and you have plenty of space for storage units – clever storage solutions are always beneficial to have. At Savvy Home Supply, we trust in Rev-A-Shelf for all our customer’s requests for storage solutions during their custom bathroom remodels. Rev-A-Shelf has been in the business of custom storage solutions for over 35 years and continues to supply professional home remodelers and do-it-yourselfers with a “whole home” approach to storage. At Rev-A-Shelf they offer everything from custom cabinet pullouts to hold all of your hair products and accessories to drawer organizers for cosmetics and other loose drawer contents. You can customize your bathroom to accommodate your dirty and clean laundry, as well, with under-the-cabinet hampers and foldout ironing boards. By installing clever storage solutions, you are able to customize your bathroom remodel to fit your specific needs when it comes to storage while also making your bathroom easier to use and more enjoyable.

  3. Opt for Non-Traditional Lighting Fixtures

    When remodeling a bathroom, one of the biggest decisions that you will make will concern lighting. Does your bathroom have a window which allows for natural light to get in? Are you going to be rewiring electricity during your bathroom remodel? These are all questions to ask yourself and figure out before looking at lighting. When the time does come to choose lighting fixtures, opting for nontraditional options is a design move to consider. Long gone are the days of round vanity bulbs above the mirror and recessed lights in the ceiling. Popular bathroom remodelers are shifting towards making statements with their bathroom lighting choices. Whether that means using hanging lights with colored shades or a combination of a chandelier and lighting planted overtop of the mirror, choose the lighting design that is right for you and that will serve your needs the best. Non-traditional light fixtures will set your bathroom apart from others in a unique way. By using non-traditional lighting fixtures, you bring a level of customization to your bathroom remodel that few other homeowners will consider.

When it comes to a complete bathroom remodel, there are many details to consider. Tiling, storage solutions, and lighting fixtures are only a few items that will need to be crossed off your list. Remember that the most important thing to consider when taking on a complete bathroom remodel is how you picture and want to use the space after the remodel is complete. If you know what you want in your new bathroom, but aren’t exactly sure how to get it all incorporated then it may be time to contact a team of experts. At Savvy Home Supply, we have bathroom remodeling experts on our staff ready to help you finalize plans and get started. Call 502-882-2952 and speak to one of our experts or stop into our showroom at 9301 Hurstbourne Park Blvd. in Louisville, KY today!

8 Savvy Kitchen Organization Ideas

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, we love incorporating unique storage solutions into your custom design. Here are some examples from recent kitchen remodels completed by the Savvy Home Supply team.

1. Cabinet Control: Check out these endless ideas for cabinet organization! We’re always looking for more room by adding organization to the cabinet doors and shelves.

Gliding roller-drawers make it easy to reach and store all of your canned and boxed goods and much more. **Try putting spices on a lazy Susan for even more storage and accessibility.

2. Sink Storage: Hide your bleach pen, matches, or dirty sponges from guests. Use this tip-out drawer storage hack to leave your kitchen clean and coordinated. **Turn sticky soap bottles into a decoration by using recycled glass for your soap holder.


3. Doggy Drawers: Avoid tripping guests by putting doggy bowls in a hidden drawer! This will keep your kitchen free from clutter and your dogs full. **Turn a used metal popcorn bin into a dog or cat food container.
4. Pantry Goals: Create a pantry room full of shelves and drawers to keep food, appliances, pots, pans, bowls and plates more organized and visible. **Use glass jars with scoops and labels to store all your cereals and baking ingredients.
5. Use Pull-Out Drawers: Make cooking more fun by organizing your cutting boards and cookie sheets in drawers. Using a pull-out drawer for storage puts everything you need in the kitchen at arms’ reach. **Use magazine holders to sort cutting boards.
6. Slide Out Pots and Pans: Keep awkward pots and pans from falling out of your cabinets. Choosing a simple design like this one keeps all of your supplies in their place. **Get rid of old, scratched pans before re-organizing, this will keep your family free from consuming any toxins.
7. Hide the Laundry: Who says that the laundry-area needs to be a chaotic eyesore? Create a beautiful focal point off your kitchen, with plenty of space to hide dirty laundry. This design keeps your washer and dryer in an accessible place, while masking the clutter often associated with large appliances. **Add a shelf above the washer and dryer for your detergents and fabric softener.
8. Garbage made Easy: Remove the free-standing, trash can from the floor of your kitchen. Have your garbage bins blend-in by creating a special cabinet for your trash chute. **Add a second bin to store plastic, cardboard and cans for recycling.

Choosing the Right Color Granite – 5 Tips

Choosing the right color granite is an important part of any kitchen remodeling project. This kitchen renovation, completed by Savvy Home Supply, used Gris Perla granite for a beautiful compliment to white and gray cabinetry.

Granite countertops have become one of the main focal points for today’s kitchens. This functional, durable material is recognized as an elegant must-have for modern kitchens of all styles. Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is full of texture and color. Capable of withstanding weight, heat and water, granite is the perfect countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms.

When purchasing granite for your new kitchen or bathroom, you want to pick a style and color that compliments the overall design of your space. Making this important design decision does not always come easily. Here are five tips for anyone having a hard time selecting new granite countertops.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Granite for Kitchen and Bath Countertops

  1. Educate Yourself: Learn about the care and preservation process of this type of countertop. While granite is considered low maintenance, you want to make sure that this countertop material will fit your needs. You also want to make sure you choose a granite installer with plenty of experience so that your countertops have just the look you want.
  2. Consider Your Style: Your choice in granite should be based on your personal style. Regardless of what you choose, each piece of granite is truly unique and you want to pick the best piece for your space. Whether you are selecting granite for your kitchen or bathroom, make sure that it goes with the colors and features inside of this space.
  3. Match Your Appliances: Granite countertops should look good with any appliances that you own. For stainless steel, you can really go with any color of granite. But if you have white or black appliances, your choice in granite might be more limited. When considering granite options at the store, make sure you see what the granite you choose will look like with your appliances, art work, flooring and any other noteworthy room features. Some granite suppliers like Savvy Home Supply will let you bring home real granite samples so you can clearly compare the way different granite colors and styles look.
  4. Test the Lighting: As it was mentioned previously, granite has become the focal point for many kitchen make-overs. This elegant rock is used for entertaining, eating and creating. Make sure that the color and style choice of your granite looks good in all possible lighting. The lighting in the store may differ from the lighting in your home, so it is important to get a good look at this granite before purchasing.
  5. Consider All of Your Remodeling Needs: Granite is a high-quality, long-lasting material, and it’s not cheap. When you are choosing between different granite suppliers, you want to pick a proven company with many years of experience successfully installing granite countertops. Some companies only offer granite, while others like Savvy Home Supply take care of every aspect of a kitchen or bath remodel. This includes cabinets, lighting, flooring, plumbing, fixtures, backsplashes and more. If you’re looking for a kitchen or bath remodel, picking a company that can do it all will likely make life much easier for you, saving both time and money.

Hopefully after considering these five tips, you have a better understanding how to pick out the right granite for you! Remember to stay true to your style and budget and you’re sure to love this new addition to your kitchen or bath for many years to come.