Welcome to Savvy Studio Finish - Cabinet Painting in Louisville, KY

The Savvy Home Supply team has successfully installed kitchen and bath cabinetry in hundreds of homes throughout the Louisville, Kentucky-area.

Yet in cases where new cabinetry is not an option, or a necessity, cabinet painting can be a great choice. Cabinet painting dramatically transforms any kitchen or bathroom cabinetry at a fraction of the price. Not only is cabinet painting more affordable than new cabinetry, but the project turnaround time is also much quicker, typically days instead of weeks.  

Our cabinet painting customers enjoy choosing from limitless color options, while experiencing a simplified renovation that involves minimal disturbance. Change the look of your current kitchen and bath cabinets with a long-lasting color coating when you choose Savvy Studio Finish for cabinet painting in Louisville, KY.

The Certified Savvy Studio Finish

The Savvy Home Supply Studio Finish includes a variety of color and finish options to meet every taste and style. Whether you are interested in painting your cabinets a solid color, a glaze, or adding a distressed finish to them - we have any of the coatings that you’ll need. All of our cabinet coatings are durable and moisture-resistant which ensures that you will have beautiful cabinets that last for many years. All of the Savvy Home Supply cabinet coatings have passed multiple performance reviews by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and the American Society for Testing Materials. We guarantee to give you the best experience in cabinet painting in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, or a free quote, call Savvy Home Supply now at 502-241-9969.

The Savvy Home Supply 7 Step Cabinet Painting Process

The Savvy Home Supply Team has a unique approach to cabinet painting that ensures our Savvy Studio Finish will adhere to your existing cabinets and produce a museum-like factory-finish. We spray on our finish regardless of it being a solid color, distressed design, or stain which results in cabinets that are hard to distinguish from brand new installations. We have a detailed cabinet painting process at Savvy Home Supply that is made up of 7 steps to ensure a quality finished product every time.

  1. First, we’ll remove your cabinetry hardware and doors before taking the doors to our painting location where we’ll start painting them.
  2. Meanwhile, in your kitchen, we’ll mask off all edges with tape to ensure that everything not being painted is protected including: countertops, flooring, walls, and all appliances.
  3. We’ll also construct a plastic-room using a Zipwall system to prevent any fumes and dust particles from infiltrating the rest of your home while we work.
  4. Once the entire area of your home is masked off and ready for cabinet painting, we’ll sand all cabinet surfaces and prepare them for painting.
  5. Primer is the first coat of cabinet paint applied and the primer used will be decided based on the cabinet style you have. Our team will repair any imperfections found on the surfaces of your cabinets prior to priming.
  6. At least two coats of cabinet finish will be applied over at least two coats of primer. If your cabinets are made out of large grain woods, such as oak, they will receive more than two coats of cabinet paint.
  7. Once all cabinet paint has dried, your cabinet doors will be installed and adjusted appropriately. This final step will be completed on the 4th or 5th day of your project and once the cabinet doors are installed and hardware is placed, you’re left with a professional cabinet painting job courtesy of Savvy Home Supply.

Benefits of Cabinet Painting Instead of Cabinet Refacing

There are many benefits to cabinet painting over cabinet refacing including the following:

Beautiful Appearance - Our cabinet painting provides museum-like quality finish on your existing cabinetry and millwork. The products we use do not fade, darken or yellow. Surfaces are smooth and the paint looks like it was professionally applied.

Affordability - When you choose cabinet painting, you save more than 50% of the cost of replacing your cabinets with new cabinetry.

Durability - When it comes to a remodel, painting cabinets tends to last just as long, if not longer, than refacing. The Savvy Studio Finish is both water resistant and washable. It is also less likely to become scuffed or scratched.

Speed & Efficiency - Compared to refacing, cabinet painting takes much less time to complete (generally about 1 week in your home). You avoid all the typical work required during a complete renovation including demolition, removing existing cabinets, moving appliances, etc.

Minimal Dust, No Demolition - Cabinet painting is much cleaner than the demolition typically involved in a full remodel. And any surfaces not being painted are completely protected.

Environmental Benefits - Additionally, opting to paint your cabinets instead of refacing them with all new visible surfaces is much better for the environment. When you opt to paint your cabinets, you’re saving tons of hardwood from going to the local dump and zero trees are being cut down to supplement your project.

Peace of Mind - Our cabinet painting work includes a warranty so that you can be confident that your cabinets will continue to look good in the years to come.