Which is Better: LEDs or Incandescent Lighting?

Savvy Home Supply offers lighting as part of any custom kitchen or bath remodel

This kitchen remodel completed by the Savvy Home Supply team includes a variety of different lighting solutions included recessed LED lighting, and above and under cabinet lighting.

If one thing is for certain, lighting affects a lot in a setting. By just adding custom lighting to an area, you can take a dark, small space, and instantly make it larger and brighter. Through our kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects at Savvy Home Supply, we have been able to transform entire rooms by adding additional lighting or chandeliers. If you are looking for a quick and affordable design fix, consider adding more lighting to your space or updating the lighting that you currently have.

While it is easy to agree that lighting is important, at Savvy Home Supply we believe that LED lighting is a great way to go. LED, or light-emitting diodes,

LED lighting in a bath remodel

Recessed LED lighting adds a nice touch to this bathroom remodeling project by Savvy Home Supply.

produce light when an electrical current passes through them. Incandescent lighting, commonly known as halogen bulbs, produce light in a different manner using electricity to heat the metal inside of the bulb to light a room.

These types of bulbs are known for becoming “white hot” and they release 90 percent of their energy as heat. This major difference has led many Savvy Home Supply customers to choose LED lighting over incandescent lighting. Based on our experience installing custom lighting in kitchens and bathrooms throughout the Louisville, Kentucky-region, we’ve collected a list of five reasons that we think LED lighting is better than halogen (besides the way the light is produced through both bulbs).

5 Reasons Why LED Lighting Is Better

  1. LEDs Last Longer: LEDs have a lifespan of up to 80,000 hours, while halogen light bulbs may only last up between 2,000 and 6,000 hours. Have you ever turned on your light fixtures that use halogen bulbs and suddenly hear a popping noise? That’s because incandescent bulbs suffer what is known as catastrophic failure which causes this type of bulb to work until they quit suddenly and you are out of light. LED lights have a long-lasting life span, so you will hardly have to change your bulbs which saves you both time and money.
  2. More Efficient: LEDs are designed to efficiently use power consumption at lower levels than incandescent bulbs do. LED lights are able to warm up/turn on all at the same time without overloading a generator and are better for the environment because they lower energy consumption.
  3. Provides Consistent Color: LEDs never have to warm up or use thermal heat to produce light which means that you will see consistent light and color from these lights over their lifespan.
  4. Safe: LED lighting allows little to no heat to escape when they are operating. This reduces the chance of starting an electrical fire or producing a hazardous environment. LEDs are also free from toxic chemicals like mercury, which can be found in the fluorescent strip lighting in some offices and homes.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: The low levels of electricity that help operate this type of lighting reduce the impact of energy in the world. As an added bonus – LED lights are free from heat, toxins, and other materials, they can be easily disposed of in the trash. Be sure to check the packaging of your LED bulbs. Most are made with recyclable materials and if you can confirm that on the packaging, you can throw your LED bulbs into your recycling bin.

Overall, LED lighting comes out on top of halogen lighting in the following five categories: efficiency, safety, color, environment and longevity. This is extremely important for creating sustainable energy through your home and across the world. Savvy Home Supply recommends LED lighting in our custom kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. You can find out more about our favorite products, styles, and designs on our website,by calling us at 502-882-2952 or by stopping by our kitchen and bath design showroom in Louisville, Kentucky.


Community Outreach: Savvy Home Supply Donates to Habitat for Humanity

Savvy Home Supply is a locally-owned kitchen and bath remodeling company, with showrooms in Louisville KY and Brooks KY. Our company serves customers throughout the Louisville metro area, and in Southern, Indiana as well.

As part of being a local business, we enjoy getting involved in the community in a variety of different ways. And one of our favorite organizations to support is Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville.

Since 1985, the Metro Louisville Habitat for Humanity has built and renovated over 450 homes to help area families in need. And currently this amazing organization is working tirelessly towards the goal to build 600 homes in five years. As a nonprofit ecumenical Christian housing ministry, Habitat for Humanity relies on volunteers, donations and staff members to help make this great mission happen.

Their dedication to the Louisville community has inspired Savvy Home Supply to get involved. We do this by working with our kitchen Habitat for Humanity and Savvy Home Supply and bath remodeling clients to facilitate donations. Many Savvy Home Supply kitchen and bath customers donate cabinetry, hardware, lighting, countertops, flooring materials, appliances, and other items they are replacing during a kitchen or bath remodel to Habitat for Humanity.

Savvy Home Supply helps clients remove items for donation, coordinating with Habitat for Humanity for pick up. Cabinets donated to Habitat for Humanity

The Louisville Habitat ReStore collects and sells donations that are gently used or new. They are always accepting appliances, plumbing, doors, windows, furniture, paint, lumber, fixtures, and more. Here is a complete list of guidelines and FAQs about donating to Habitat’s ReStore. And the profits made from ReStore purchases Habitat for Humanity and Savvy Home SUpplygo towards all the great things Habitat for Humanity is doing in the Louisville area.

As these donations add up, Savvy Home Supply is working towards a goal to donate more than 50 kitchen and bathroom projects during 2016 – 2017. This is a great cause that makes a huge difference in helping the Louisville community. And even better, it’s the smart environmental thing to do too. Rather than dump gently used Read more

10 Things to Have in your Home Spa / Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom design has come a long way in recent years to include more features you’d expect to find at a luxury spa. At Savvy Home Supply we offer all the latest in bathroom remodeling to include styles, features and technologies you’ll love.

Today, there are so many options to consider during the design stage of a bathroom remodel. Savvy design professionals will help you find just the right cabinets, flooring, lighting, tile, and fixtures for your bath remodel. And Savvy also takes care of any plumbing or electrical work that you might need.

10 Features of a Luxury Bathroom Remodel

If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel for your home, here are some great features you should consider for long-lasting comfort and appeal.

  1. Heated Floors: A heated bathroom floor Savvy Steam Showermakes everything a little easier, especially during cold winter mornings when it’s tough to get out of bed. Create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere with heated bathroom flooring by Savvy.
  2. Seamless Glass Shower Door: Make your bathroom space feel bigger and enjoy added natural light with a seamless glass shower door. This popular favorite transforms an ordinary shower into an elegant feature for any home.
  3. Steam Shower: The therapeutic benefits of steam are widely Seamless Shower Door Designrecognized, and now many homeowners are splurging to transform traditional showers into luxurious combo steam showers. Pamper tired muscles and even improve your sleep by including a steam shower in your bathroom remodel.
  4. Freestanding Baths: From Japanese soaking tubs to more traditional Free Standing Tub Designfreestanding classics, today’s baths combine luxury and beauty, serving as the centerpiece of many bathrooms.
  5. Custom Tile Work: Choose from a beautiful selection of tiles in every size, style, and material, for your flooring, shower walls, backsplashes and more.
  6. Body Sprays: While you’re designing your new shower, don’t forget to add
    multiple shower heads and body sprays along the shower walls. Easy to use and adjustable, you’ll clean your entire body in less time while Bathroom remodel with shower benchenjoying a custom shower experience.
  7. Shower Bench: This simple shower feature can make your bathing experience so much easier. A shower bench creates accessibility for those with mobility issues. Adding a teak or tile shower bench is the perfect solution for any shower remodel.
  8. Tip Out Trays in Drawers: This genius invention by Rev-A-Shelf offers handy
    storage where you need it most. Tip out trays found under the sink are perfect for clearing counter space clutter and organizing this area. You can hide your toothbrushes, toothpaste and other hygiene products, while still keeping everything within easy reach.Rounded Pebble Shower Flooring
  9. Rounded Pebble Flooring: This flooring style gives your bathroom a natural look and feel, while also offering an effortless massage as you walk across the floor.
  10. Stone Countertops: Consider adding natural stone to your bathroom countertops. Shop Savvy granite or quartz and choose from a huge Call Savvy Home Supply for granite countertopsselection of beautiful colors and styles. This simple addition will give your bathroom an elegant look and timeless appeal. And it’s proven that adding this type of countertop throughout your home helps with reselling as well.

At Savvy Home Supply, we enjoy working with you to create a custom bathroom you’ll love. And we take care of every aspect of a bathroom remodel including: cabinets, flooring, lighting, countertops, plumbing, electrical work and more.

For additional information or to schedule a consult with a Savvy bathroom design professional, call 502-241-9969 now.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile Flooring – Making the Best Decision for Your Kitchen or Bath

“Should I choose ceramic tile or porcelain tile for my kitchen and bath remodel?”

When considering different types of flooring during a kitchen or bathroom remodel, porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular options. In fact many people see these popular flooring materials as one in the same. Yet there are some important differences to know when comparing the two.

Savvy Home Supply kitchen and bath remodelers in Louisville and Brooks Kentucky offers customers a variety of premium flooring options including ceramic and tile.

Porcelain tile is a dense and durable tile that repels the absorption of water and other liquids. Porcelain tiles are generally used for high traffic areas including outdoor areas and for high traffic flooring.

Ceramic tiles, in comparison, tend to be slightly more absorbent and delicate, so they are often used indoors in lower traffic areas. Interested in learning more of the similarities and differences between ceramic and porcelain tile flooring? Follow along for more info.

9 Differences and Similarities between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

  1. Composition – Ceramic tiles are made of red, brown or white porous clay from Central and South America; they tend to be less refined and purified. Porcelain tiles are made solely of white clay found in Europe and the Middle East; they are more refined and purified.
  2. Firing-Time – Ceramic tiles are cooked one time at a specified temperature. Porcelain tiles are heated two-times longer at a higher temperature.
  3. Pricing – Ceramic tiles are often less expensive than porcelain tiles. They are a popular choice for DIY or crafting projects.
  4. Absorbency – Porcelain tiles are less absorbent and more stain resistant. Their strong, dense qualities require expert cutting which may make it more expensive to install.
  5. Durability – Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can be designed to match any look and color for your home. However, porcelain tiles are able to withstand greater damage since the design is fired through the entire tile. In contrast, ceramic tiles get “printed” on the surface, making them vulnerable to chipping.
  6. Usage – Ceramic tiles are often used for interior walls, mosaics, backsplashes and under glass overlays. Though porcelain tiles can be used for these designs, they are most typically used as flooring tiles and exterior walls.
  7. Strength – Ceramic tiles may become weak under pressure or in extreme temperatures.
  8. Installation – Ceramic and porcelain tile installation requires a specific skillset. It is recommended that both types of tiles are installed by experienced tile workers.
  9. Certification – All porcelain tiles are sold with some form of certification. High quality porcelain tiles have been certified by the Porcelain Tiles Certification Agency. This organization provides a list of certified sellers and brands on their website.

If you’re in the design stage of a kitchen or bath remodeling project, you may be comparing porcelain and ceramic tiles to make the best choices for your remodel. While these tiles often look very similar, there are some important differences to understand. If you want more information about ceramic and porcelain tile flooring and backsplashes, call 502-241-9969 to set up a free consult with a kitchen and bathroom design expert from Savvy Home Supply. We look forward to serving you!

Choosing A Contractor for Kitchen Remodeling – 6 Questions To Ask

A kitchen remodel is an involved and sometimes stressful experience. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there are a lot of decisions and planning that goes into the kitchen remodeling process. Are you going to get new cabinets or update the existing ones? Do you need custom lighting or new flooring? What color granite countertop will you choose? Will there be an island in your kitchen?

In order for you to maximize the chance that you have a positive experience remodeling your kitchen, it’s very important that you stay on the same page as your kitchen

Aaron Basil is a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor at Savvy Home Supply. He has over 15 years of professional experience in kitchen remodeling and design.

remodeling contractors. While lots of factors come into play, good communication is at the heart of any remodeling project.

Though many of the materials used in a kitchen remodel may be similar regardless of the remodeling company you choose, the service you receive may vary widely company to company. If you are looking for a good company to work with during your kitchen remodel, here are some questions to ask all of the companies that you are considering.

6 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

1. Are you licensed and insured? Accidents sometimes happen on the job. Because accidents can happen, it is important that your contractor has insurance for company employees. It is also important to hire a contractor that is licensed. This will help you determine if you are working for a legitimate and respectable company. The answer to this question not only gives you some piece of mind, but it could potentially keep you from dealing with a painful lawsuit.
2. What is your kitchen remodeling experience? Your contractor should answer this question by providing the reassurance of multiple years of experience. Customer testimonials can also help back this up. Due to the custom nature of the work, having plenty of experience is essential for any kitchen remodel. Just because some kitchen has to be the first remodel project for a company doesn’t mean it has to be your kitchen! Choose a contractor that is confident and educated in this field.
3. How do you deal with changes? During a kitchen remodel there are often times you have to deal with unexpected changes and decisions. While many of the design decisions are made prior to the project start date, changes may sometimes be made during the remodeling process. It is necessary to ask your contractor how he or she handles project changes. This helps you get a better idea of what to expect in the event that changes are required during your kitchen remodeling project.
4. How are we going to communicate? You and your contractor should have strong, open communication. The kitchen remodeling process is a lot like a relationship. This project will fail if you and your contractor are not comfortable communicating about issues and decisions made along the way. It is important to inquire about the frequency and types of communication used during this project. It is easier to communicate in person, but also make sure your contractor is available by phone and email as well.
5. What is the project timeline? This is an important question for your kitchen remodel. Just because kitchen remodels can take considerable time, doesn’t mean your remodel should last for months on end. It is important to get a good idea of your project start and deadline. This will help you make plans, while also keeping your contractor accountable and on track.
6. What are your payment expectations? Each kitchen remodeling company will have their own payment terms and conditions. Make sure you are comfortable with the terms your kitchen remodeler requires before signing a contract. Sometimes you are required to pay a certain percentage up front and another percentage at the completion of the project. Other times you may have to pay the entire amount at the beginning, or you may be billed at the end of a remodel. Know your options in advance so you can make the best decision for your budget.

Before signing any contracts, take the time to have this conversation with your contractor. A kitchen remodel is not completed overnight; it requires patience, planning, communication and decision-making. Always keep open lines of communication with your contractor and stay positive as you look ahead with the anticipation of enjoying a beautiful remodeled kitchen. Spending time up front to find a skilled kitchen remodeling company that you trust can make the entire experience much less stressful. Interested in learning more? Contact Savvy Home Supply today to schedule your consult with a kitchen design professional.

10 New Kitchen Organization Products from Rev-A-Shelf 2016

Savvy Home Supply has some great products made by Rev-a-Shelf to help you get organized this Spring! These creative products range from drawer designs to trash containers, with a whole lot more in between.

We want you to love your kitchen remodel, and this includes having plenty of solutions that help make your space more efficient and organized. We’ll help you every step of the way, from the cabinet design and style, to paint color, countertops, drawer styles, and the best custom lighting for your space.

New Rev-A-Shelf Products Make Your Kitchen More Organized

We’ll also give you plenty of organizational ideas, including some wonderful product offerings by Rev-A-Shelf. Follow along to learn more about the latest 2016 Rev-A-Shelf kitchen organizing products ready for your dream kitchen by Savvy Home Supply!

1. Plastic Storage Container Organizer:

No more disorganized drawers stuffed with mismatched tupperware containers! This cabinet design allows you to stack, file and organize all of your plastic storage containers just the way you like. It does have to be a challenge to find the right lid for your containers. Take away the struggle by adding this simple storage solution!

2. Over-the-Fridge Cabinet Pullout Design:

For those hard-to-reach cabinets just above your refrigerator or oven, there’s finally a solution! Try this pull-out cabinet design that enables you to hide your small appliances, large beverage containers or clutter, with an easy-to-access pull out shelf.

3. Tiered Utensil Drawer:

With spatulas, pizza cutters and ice cream scoops, it’s not necessarily one size fits all. Now there’s a perfect way to store and organize all of your kitchen utensils. You won’t believe how much you can neatly fit into one drawer!

4. K-Cup Drawer Organizer:

Enjoy your steaming cup of joe with this elegant and convenient design. This 30 K-cup holder fits right into your existing drawer. It frees up your counter space and creates a new beverage station that can be out-of-sight when not in use.

5. Convenient Mail and Key Storage:


No more piling papers and keys on kitchen counter or drawers. This handy storage product allows you to store and access all of your mail, keys and other important documents from one convenient location. Easily removed or installed on the inside of wall cabinets, you’ll love the organization and efficiency of a mail and key organizer.


6. Appliance Lift:

Mixers, toaster ovens and blenders can be hard to move or lift, yet they are extremely useful in the kitchen. They also tend to take up a significant amount of counter space. Give yourself a break while freeing up space, with a new appliance lift by Rev-A-Shelf. This allows you to keep these items out-of-sight, but completely accessible whenever you need them. This product is extremely durable and it is strong enough to support your heavy appliances.

7. Corner Cabinet Pullout:

There’s no reason to have empty, unused cabinet space in your kitchen any more. This inventive, space-saving design let’s you get the most out of your storage, making bowls, containers, and other bulky items easily accessible when needed.

8. Soft-Close Waste Containers:


No more ugly wastebaskets cluttering your kitchen. This clean option for your waste containers offers simple customization, allowing you to design just the storage solution that fits your needs. It comes in different colors, shapes and sizes, but is always made with the highest level of quality. As an added benefit, the design also features a soft-close mechanism.

9. Double Drawer Knife Block:


Keep your sharp knives away from little hands by placing them in this easy-to-install drawer. This is great for those trying to declutter countertop space, while storing sharp utensils in a safe, accessible place.

10. Sliding K-Cup Organizer:


Finally a slim, sleek design that conveniently lets you hold up to 44 K-Cup pods. This space-saver is perfect for any coffee or tea lover looking to get organized. Mention it during your Savvy kitchen remodel, and we’ll make it a part of the design!

8 Savvy Kitchen Organization Ideas

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, we love incorporating unique storage solutions into your custom design. Here are some examples from recent kitchen remodels completed by the Savvy Home Supply team.

1. Cabinet Control: Check out these endless ideas for cabinet organization! We’re always looking for more room by adding organization to the cabinet doors and shelves.

Gliding roller-drawers make it easy to reach and store all of your canned and boxed goods and much more. **Try putting spices on a lazy Susan for even more storage and accessibility.

2. Sink Storage: Hide your bleach pen, matches, or dirty sponges from guests. Use this tip-out drawer storage hack to leave your kitchen clean and coordinated. **Turn sticky soap bottles into a decoration by using recycled glass for your soap holder.


3. Doggy Drawers: Avoid tripping guests by putting doggy bowls in a hidden drawer! This will keep your kitchen free from clutter and your dogs full. **Turn a used metal popcorn bin into a dog or cat food container.
4. Pantry Goals: Create a pantry room full of shelves and drawers to keep food, appliances, pots, pans, bowls and plates more organized and visible. **Use glass jars with scoops and labels to store all your cereals and baking ingredients.
5. Use Pull-Out Drawers: Make cooking more fun by organizing your cutting boards and cookie sheets in drawers. Using a pull-out drawer for storage puts everything you need in the kitchen at arms’ reach. **Use magazine holders to sort cutting boards.
6. Slide Out Pots and Pans: Keep awkward pots and pans from falling out of your cabinets. Choosing a simple design like this one keeps all of your supplies in their place. **Get rid of old, scratched pans before re-organizing, this will keep your family free from consuming any toxins.
7. Hide the Laundry: Who says that the laundry-area needs to be a chaotic eyesore? Create a beautiful focal point off your kitchen, with plenty of space to hide dirty laundry. This design keeps your washer and dryer in an accessible place, while masking the clutter often associated with large appliances. **Add a shelf above the washer and dryer for your detergents and fabric softener.
8. Garbage made Easy: Remove the free-standing, trash can from the floor of your kitchen. Have your garbage bins blend-in by creating a special cabinet for your trash chute. **Add a second bin to store plastic, cardboard and cans for recycling.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Savvy Giveaway!

Savvy Home Supply, a kitchen and bath remodeling company in Louisville, Kentucky, is offering a special Valentine’s Day deal for customers interested in new granite countertops! With any granite order of 50 square feet or more, customers will receive a free Savvy 191 series single handle kitchen faucet with pull-out sprayer valued at $299. (Some restrictions apply – See store for details). Savvy Home Supply specializes in granite installation for kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, bathroom countertops, household bars and entertainment centers.

Savvy Home Supply offers a beautiful selection of stone competitively priced starting at $38/SF. With 8 popular granite color combinations you can choose from the following: Black Pearl, Butterfly Beige, Caledonia, Gris Perla, New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia Light, Tan Brown, and Uba Tuba.

The free Savvy faucet featured in this Valentine’s Day deal comes with a plate for single or 3 holes installation, a premium grade ceramic cartridge, and a two function spray head for spray and stream. This high quality faucet is also 100% pressure system tested and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Savvy Home Supply offers over 20 years combined professional experience successfully installing granite countertops in fine kitchens and luxury bathrooms across the Louisville, Kentucky area. As part of purchasing granite through Savvy Home Supply, customers receive:

  • FREE Instant Estimates
  • FREE Daily Granite Cleaner & Stonecare
  • Standard Edging Detail
  • Countertop Fabrication
  • FREE Granite Installation
  • Granite Sealer Application for added protection

In order to get an estimate for new granite countertops, customers can call or visit Savvy Home Supply during normal business hours (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and on Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). And when it comes to granite orders, customers always receive high quality service at a speedy pace.

For more information about Savvy Home Supply, or this special Valentine’s Day offer, call 502-241-9969, stop by the Louisville showroom located at 9301 Hurstbourne Park Blvd. Louisville, KY 40220.


Choosing the Right Color Granite – 5 Tips

Choosing the right color granite is an important part of any kitchen remodeling project. This kitchen renovation, completed by Savvy Home Supply, used Gris Perla granite for a beautiful compliment to white and gray cabinetry.

Granite countertops have become one of the main focal points for today’s kitchens. This functional, durable material is recognized as an elegant must-have for modern kitchens of all styles. Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is full of texture and color. Capable of withstanding weight, heat and water, granite is the perfect countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms.

When purchasing granite for your new kitchen or bathroom, you want to pick a style and color that compliments the overall design of your space. Making this important design decision does not always come easily. Here are five tips for anyone having a hard time selecting new granite countertops.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Granite for Kitchen and Bath Countertops

  1. Educate Yourself: Learn about the care and preservation process of this type of countertop. While granite is considered low maintenance, you want to make sure that this countertop material will fit your needs. You also want to make sure you choose a granite installer with plenty of experience so that your countertops have just the look you want.
  2. Consider Your Style: Your choice in granite should be based on your personal style. Regardless of what you choose, each piece of granite is truly unique and you want to pick the best piece for your space. Whether you are selecting granite for your kitchen or bathroom, make sure that it goes with the colors and features inside of this space.
  3. Match Your Appliances: Granite countertops should look good with any appliances that you own. For stainless steel, you can really go with any color of granite. But if you have white or black appliances, your choice in granite might be more limited. When considering granite options at the store, make sure you see what the granite you choose will look like with your appliances, art work, flooring and any other noteworthy room features. Some granite suppliers like Savvy Home Supply will let you bring home real granite samples so you can clearly compare the way different granite colors and styles look.
  4. Test the Lighting: As it was mentioned previously, granite has become the focal point for many kitchen make-overs. This elegant rock is used for entertaining, eating and creating. Make sure that the color and style choice of your granite looks good in all possible lighting. The lighting in the store may differ from the lighting in your home, so it is important to get a good look at this granite before purchasing.
  5. Consider All of Your Remodeling Needs: Granite is a high-quality, long-lasting material, and it’s not cheap. When you are choosing between different granite suppliers, you want to pick a proven company with many years of experience successfully installing granite countertops. Some companies only offer granite, while others like Savvy Home Supply take care of every aspect of a kitchen or bath remodel. This includes cabinets, lighting, flooring, plumbing, fixtures, backsplashes and more. If you’re looking for a kitchen or bath remodel, picking a company that can do it all will likely make life much easier for you, saving both time and money.

Hopefully after considering these five tips, you have a better understanding how to pick out the right granite for you! Remember to stay true to your style and budget and you’re sure to love this new addition to your kitchen or bath for many years to come.


Paint For Your Kitchen – 5 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Color

Kitchens represent more than just food. They are the hub of the household, the center of every party, a place where the family gathers and a station for creation. Kitchens are special spaces that bring people together over shared meals and interests. This important room in your home is not only for meal prep and eating, but it’s often the entertainment hub as well.

Adding new touches here and there can transform any kitchen into the perfect living space. Despite its functional purposes, a kitchen should reflect a homeowner’s own charm and charisma. And there’s one immediate way to add a personal touch and flavor to your kitchen, and that’s with a pop of color!

Paint can personalize any room in your entire house, while creating a certain image and mood as well. When choosing a paint color for your kitchen, a room that may be considered the heart of the home, it’s important to take the time and steps to choose colors that you love. If you are looking to transform your kitchen simply by swapping out the old for the new, here are 5 tips to help you pick the right paint color for your kitchen.

  1. Choose Something Fresh: Try a color that will leave you satisfied and visually attracted to your kitchen. If this color is already found in your home, you might want to pick something unique. The kitchen is its own entity and it deserves its own paint job. A contrasting color in this space could give it a unique look that you love.
  2. Go with Complimentary Colors: While paint swatches can become overwhelming, consider the crazy color you are about to purchase and think about whether it will complement the items in your kitchen and surrounding rooms. Appliances, cabinets and flooring all work together with paint to create a stylish look. Don’t ignore these details while selecting your color of paint.
  3. Don’t Forget Fatigue Factor: Right now you might find that you are tired of your current paint color. When looking for a great new look, don’t let this color bring you down. Go for something different, yet sustainable. If you are unsure, it might help to talk with a kitchen remodeler to learn more about paint colors that are popular and long-lasting favorites.
  4. Personalize It: Choose a color that is going to represent you. As it was mentioned earlier, your kitchen is not just for cooking and eating. It’s often the most special room in your home. Select a color that will create happiness and transform your old look into something that you enjoy.
  5. Swatch It: Lastly, painting an entire room can be an exhausting process, so try painting sample colors before you commit to one. Giving yourself a preview to the new color will help you decide on your final color. This will also help you avoid making a paint mistake while finalizing your decision.

Keep in mind through all of this that paint can be painted over. This does not have to be a forever decision; it is simply a way for you to freshen up one of your family’s favorite spaces. While you should carefully consider the paint color that you choose for your kitchen, it’s also important to keep it fun and to have the confidence to try new things.