Which is Better: LEDs or Incandescent Lighting?

Savvy Home Supply offers lighting as part of any custom kitchen or bath remodel

This kitchen remodel completed by the Savvy Home Supply team includes a variety of different lighting solutions included recessed LED lighting, and above and under cabinet lighting.

If one thing is for certain, lighting affects a lot in a setting. By just adding custom lighting to an area, you can take a dark, small space, and instantly make it larger and brighter. Through our kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects at Savvy Home Supply, we have been able to transform entire rooms by adding additional lighting or chandeliers. If you are looking for a quick and affordable design fix, consider adding more lighting to your space or updating the lighting that you currently have.

While it is easy to agree that lighting is important, at Savvy Home Supply we believe that LED lighting is a great way to go. LED, or light-emitting diodes,

LED lighting in a bath remodel

Recessed LED lighting adds a nice touch to this bathroom remodeling project by Savvy Home Supply.

produce light when an electrical current passes through them. Incandescent lighting, commonly known as halogen bulbs, produce light in a different manner using electricity to heat the metal inside of the bulb to light a room.

These types of bulbs are known for becoming “white hot” and they release 90 percent of their energy as heat. This major difference has led many Savvy Home Supply customers to choose LED lighting over incandescent lighting. Based on our experience installing custom lighting in kitchens and bathrooms throughout the Louisville, Kentucky-region, we’ve collected a list of five reasons that we think LED lighting is better than halogen (besides the way the light is produced through both bulbs).

5 Reasons Why LED Lighting Is Better

  1. LEDs Last Longer: LEDs have a lifespan of up to 80,000 hours, while halogen light bulbs may only last up between 2,000 and 6,000 hours. Have you ever turned on your light fixtures that use halogen bulbs and suddenly hear a popping noise? That’s because incandescent bulbs suffer what is known as catastrophic failure which causes this type of bulb to work until they quit suddenly and you are out of light. LED lights have a long-lasting life span, so you will hardly have to change your bulbs which saves you both time and money.
  2. More Efficient: LEDs are designed to efficiently use power consumption at lower levels than incandescent bulbs do. LED lights are able to warm up/turn on all at the same time without overloading a generator and are better for the environment because they lower energy consumption.
  3. Provides Consistent Color: LEDs never have to warm up or use thermal heat to produce light which means that you will see consistent light and color from these lights over their lifespan.
  4. Safe: LED lighting allows little to no heat to escape when they are operating. This reduces the chance of starting an electrical fire or producing a hazardous environment. LEDs are also free from toxic chemicals like mercury, which can be found in the fluorescent strip lighting in some offices and homes.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: The low levels of electricity that help operate this type of lighting reduce the impact of energy in the world. As an added bonus – LED lights are free from heat, toxins, and other materials, they can be easily disposed of in the trash. Be sure to check the packaging of your LED bulbs. Most are made with recyclable materials and if you can confirm that on the packaging, you can throw your LED bulbs into your recycling bin.

Overall, LED lighting comes out on top of halogen lighting in the following five categories: efficiency, safety, color, environment and longevity. This is extremely important for creating sustainable energy through your home and across the world. Savvy Home Supply recommends LED lighting in our custom kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. You can find out more about our favorite products, styles, and designs on our website,by calling us at 502-882-2952 or by stopping by our kitchen and bath design showroom in Louisville, Kentucky.


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