8 Savvy Kitchen Organization Ideas

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, we love incorporating unique storage solutions into your custom design. Here are some examples from recent kitchen remodels completed by the Savvy Home Supply team.

1. Cabinet Control: Check out these endless ideas for cabinet organization! We’re always looking for more room by adding organization to the cabinet doors and shelves.

Gliding roller-drawers make it easy to reach and store all of your canned and boxed goods and much more. **Try putting spices on a lazy Susan for even more storage and accessibility.

2. Sink Storage: Hide your bleach pen, matches, or dirty sponges from guests. Use this tip-out drawer storage hack to leave your kitchen clean and coordinated. **Turn sticky soap bottles into a decoration by using recycled glass for your soap holder.


3. Doggy Drawers: Avoid tripping guests by putting doggy bowls in a hidden drawer! This will keep your kitchen free from clutter and your dogs full. **Turn a used metal popcorn bin into a dog or cat food container.
4. Pantry Goals: Create a pantry room full of shelves and drawers to keep food, appliances, pots, pans, bowls and plates more organized and visible. **Use glass jars with scoops and labels to store all your cereals and baking ingredients.
5. Use Pull-Out Drawers: Make cooking more fun by organizing your cutting boards and cookie sheets in drawers. Using a pull-out drawer for storage puts everything you need in the kitchen at arms’ reach. **Use magazine holders to sort cutting boards.
6. Slide Out Pots and Pans: Keep awkward pots and pans from falling out of your cabinets. Choosing a simple design like this one keeps all of your supplies in their place. **Get rid of old, scratched pans before re-organizing, this will keep your family free from consuming any toxins.
7. Hide the Laundry: Who says that the laundry-area needs to be a chaotic eyesore? Create a beautiful focal point off your kitchen, with plenty of space to hide dirty laundry. This design keeps your washer and dryer in an accessible place, while masking the clutter often associated with large appliances. **Add a shelf above the washer and dryer for your detergents and fabric softener.
8. Garbage made Easy: Remove the free-standing, trash can from the floor of your kitchen. Have your garbage bins blend-in by creating a special cabinet for your trash chute. **Add a second bin to store plastic, cardboard and cans for recycling.
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