Choosing the Right Color Granite – 5 Tips

Choosing the right color granite is an important part of any kitchen remodeling project. This kitchen renovation, completed by Savvy Home Supply, used Gris Perla granite for a beautiful compliment to white and gray cabinetry.

Granite countertops have become one of the main focal points for today’s kitchens. This functional, durable material is recognized as an elegant must-have for modern kitchens of all styles. Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is full of texture and color. Capable of withstanding weight, heat and water, granite is the perfect countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms.

When purchasing granite for your new kitchen or bathroom, you want to pick a style and color that compliments the overall design of your space. Making this important design decision does not always come easily. Here are five tips for anyone having a hard time selecting new granite countertops.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Granite for Kitchen and Bath Countertops

  1. Educate Yourself: Learn about the care and preservation process of this type of countertop. While granite is considered low maintenance, you want to make sure that this countertop material will fit your needs. You also want to make sure you choose a granite installer with plenty of experience so that your countertops have just the look you want.
  2. Consider Your Style: Your choice in granite should be based on your personal style. Regardless of what you choose, each piece of granite is truly unique and you want to pick the best piece for your space. Whether you are selecting granite for your kitchen or bathroom, make sure that it goes with the colors and features inside of this space.
  3. Match Your Appliances: Granite countertops should look good with any appliances that you own. For stainless steel, you can really go with any color of granite. But if you have white or black appliances, your choice in granite might be more limited. When considering granite options at the store, make sure you see what the granite you choose will look like with your appliances, art work, flooring and any other noteworthy room features. Some granite suppliers like Savvy Home Supply will let you bring home real granite samples so you can clearly compare the way different granite colors and styles look.
  4. Test the Lighting: As it was mentioned previously, granite has become the focal point for many kitchen make-overs. This elegant rock is used for entertaining, eating and creating. Make sure that the color and style choice of your granite looks good in all possible lighting. The lighting in the store may differ from the lighting in your home, so it is important to get a good look at this granite before purchasing.
  5. Consider All of Your Remodeling Needs: Granite is a high-quality, long-lasting material, and it’s not cheap. When you are choosing between different granite suppliers, you want to pick a proven company with many years of experience successfully installing granite countertops. Some companies only offer granite, while others like Savvy Home Supply take care of every aspect of a kitchen or bath remodel. This includes cabinets, lighting, flooring, plumbing, fixtures, backsplashes and more. If you’re looking for a kitchen or bath remodel, picking a company that can do it all will likely make life much easier for you, saving both time and money.

Hopefully after considering these five tips, you have a better understanding how to pick out the right granite for you! Remember to stay true to your style and budget and you’re sure to love this new addition to your kitchen or bath for many years to come.


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