Paint For Your Kitchen – 5 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Color

Kitchens represent more than just food. They are the hub of the household, the center of every party, a place where the family gathers and a station for creation. Kitchens are special spaces that bring people together over shared meals and interests. This important room in your home is not only for meal prep and eating, but it’s often the entertainment hub as well.

Adding new touches here and there can transform any kitchen into the perfect living space. Despite its functional purposes, a kitchen should reflect a homeowner’s own charm and charisma. And there’s one immediate way to add a personal touch and flavor to your kitchen, and that’s with a pop of color!

Paint can personalize any room in your entire house, while creating a certain image and mood as well. When choosing a paint color for your kitchen, a room that may be considered the heart of the home, it’s important to take the time and steps to choose colors that you love. If you are looking to transform your kitchen simply by swapping out the old for the new, here are 5 tips to help you pick the right paint color for your kitchen.

  1. Choose Something Fresh: Try a color that will leave you satisfied and visually attracted to your kitchen. If this color is already found in your home, you might want to pick something unique. The kitchen is its own entity and it deserves its own paint job. A contrasting color in this space could give it a unique look that you love.
  2. Go with Complimentary Colors: While paint swatches can become overwhelming, consider the crazy color you are about to purchase and think about whether it will complement the items in your kitchen and surrounding rooms. Appliances, cabinets and flooring all work together with paint to create a stylish look. Don’t ignore these details while selecting your color of paint.
  3. Don’t Forget Fatigue Factor: Right now you might find that you are tired of your current paint color. When looking for a great new look, don’t let this color bring you down. Go for something different, yet sustainable. If you are unsure, it might help to talk with a kitchen remodeler to learn more about paint colors that are popular and long-lasting favorites.
  4. Personalize It: Choose a color that is going to represent you. As it was mentioned earlier, your kitchen is not just for cooking and eating. It’s often the most special room in your home. Select a color that will create happiness and transform your old look into something that you enjoy.
  5. Swatch It: Lastly, painting an entire room can be an exhausting process, so try painting sample colors before you commit to one. Giving yourself a preview to the new color will help you decide on your final color. This will also help you avoid making a paint mistake while finalizing your decision.

Keep in mind through all of this that paint can be painted over. This does not have to be a forever decision; it is simply a way for you to freshen up one of your family’s favorite spaces. While you should carefully consider the paint color that you choose for your kitchen, it’s also important to keep it fun and to have the confidence to try new things.

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